Humerus fracture


Spiral fracture of the right humerus

Spiral fracture of the right humerus (middle and upper part)

Female 72 years old after falling to the ground sustained a complicated fracture of the right humerus (middle and upper part). 

The first treatment with cast (social hospital), was impossible to stabilize the fracture.  The patient feels her arm very unstable and painful.

Finaly the decision was the operative treatment with internal fixation (plate and screws).

The original treatment with cast immobilization was not succesful.
Soft tissues among the part of the fracture was not permit for bone healing.

Surgical procedure.  Special anatomical titanium plate completely compatible with human tissues stabilize the part of the 
fracture.  The patient can move the shoulder and elbow joint immediately from the 1st post op day.

X-ray after the operation.  The part of the fracture reducted with success.  The titanium anatomical plate and screws is obvious. 

X-ray after 3 years post op.  The patient can use her arm without any problem.