Woman 73 years old suffer from Hallux valgus bilateral.  The deformity is severe especially the 1st and 2nd toes.  The ability of walking is restricted.

Foot X-ray.  Severe deformity of the bones of metatarsal and toes.

Callus formation due to wrong walking model.  The exostoses of  the 1st metatarsals is impressive.

Preoperative photo.

The second toes are on the great toes due to the severe valgus deformity of the first toes.  The main operative target is to correct the 1st, 2nd and 3rd toes.

Operative technique

Special shoe that wear the patient for immediately mobilization and full weight bearing

Three months post op.  The anatomical correction satisfied the patient.

Three months postop the patients can walk normally.


Female 68 years old with venous insufficiency and hallux valgus deformities bilaterally and claw toes.


Hallux valgus and claw toes deformity bilaterally, pre-op

Pre-op feet X-ray

Metatarsal and toes axis measure

Pre-op skin insicion drawing

Post-op feet X-rays

One year post op

The method used is modern and completely painless which is applied to the larger foot surgery centers worldwide.
The mobilization of the patient was immediate. The walking started with full weight bearing on the day after surgery wearing special orthotic shoe.


Patient 40 year old woman with specific problems in her feet. Bilaterally hallux valgus and uneven height of the fingers creates the patient's pain during the wearing of shoes. The patient however experiencing and psychological problems due to the non acceptance of the beauty of her legs.

Left foot. Hallux valgus with the firts toe starting to have upthrust trends in the 2nd toe

Create calluses on the sole (excessive pressure points)

Right foot prior the operation

Two years after surgery, the patient enjoys the painless application of the footwear and the symmetry of the fingers overcoming the problem he had with the aesthetics of the legs

Two years after surgery uniformity and symmetry of the legs has been fully restored


74 years old woman with intense malformation of the toes. Hallux valgus combined with twisting finger (2nd toe tipping
on the first toe). Clinically, the patient has difficulty walking and finding shoes to wear.

"Four toes foot" due to toes malformation

After the osteoplasty of the feet bilaterally

Pre and 3 months postoperative photos


Woman 68 years old with mild hallux valgus deformity

Pre and Postoperation

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