Robotics in Orthopaedics

Advances in medicine are rapid . The Orthopaedics is the medical specialty that received greatest influence on the development of technology and biotechnology - stem cells, Platelets Rich Plasma PRP- growth factors, for the treatment of articular cartilage lesions and sports injuries , as the development of electronic technology directly improving the performance of major surgeries such as joint replacements (PSI Patient Specific Arthroplasty, or Augmented reality knee arthroplasty) , optimizing efficiency and longevity of implants and the quality of life of patients. The evolution of robotic surgery has opened up new horizons of possibilities for performing major surgeries. In Orthopedics, the most advanced system ROSA ROBOTICS USA is the most modern proposal for performing knee arthroplasty and soon hip arthroplasty.

The detailed knowledge of anatomy through modern imaging methods helped create new surgical techniques - minimal invasive surgery - ALMIS hip arthroplasty, without disturb the basic anatomical structures during surgical operation, creating in this way a new Treaty for rapid postoperative recovery of the patient and the quick return on social, professional and sporting activities.

Augmented reality knee arthroplasty

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