The Personal Operative System (POS), is a sophisticated system of individualized patient approach, studying and analyzing the problem of one’s health and creating the appropriate surgical treatment and the post-operative plan that is appropriate for each individual.

Taking into account factors such as age, gender, professional or sports requirements as well as individual expectations
of the patient and under international standards and principles of Orthopaedic Surgery determining the appropriate surgical treatment.

The Personal Operative System includes:

- Taking a detailed history of the patient
- Clinical examination
- Assessment of paraclinical control (X-rays, MRI, specific blood tests, etc.)
- Analysis and explanation to the patient the nature of the problem and the treatment options available
- Presentation of photographs and video of similar incidents and informing the patient for the surgery regarding
  the anaesthesia and surgical technique

After surgery:

- Postoperative monitoring at the Clinic and full information for patients and relatives about the surgery and the
  outcome of the postoperative course

- After leaving the Clinic home calls of the patient if it is necessary

- Full guidance of postoperative medication

- Design activities of the rehabilitation programme for rapid independence for the patient. Collaboration with the

- Removal of stitches in the surgery and if the patient is unable to move at home

- Instructions to the full recuperation of the individual (work and sports activities)

- 24-hour telephone coverage for every need of the patient

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