The new system ROSA ROBOTICS, is the most modern achievement of robotic technology in the field of Orthopedic surgery for the treatment of severe knee arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis). ROSA ROBOTICS consists of a high-tech anthropometric data processing unit in combination with a precision mechanical arm, which work with the certified Orthopedic Surgeon to perform the most frequent knee arthroplasty surgery with absolute precision.

How does the ROSA robotic system work?

The interactive relationship of the orthopedic surgeon with the ROSA robotic system is performed throughout the surgery. ROSA robotics receives the anthropometric information of the patient provided by the Orthopedist with special high-tech systems. After the data has been processed by ROSA, the robotic arm moves to the nearest millimeter and shows the exact position where the surgical manipulations are to be performed. The ROSA electronic board also provides information and 3D images of the joint being operated on, which the surgeon takes into account during the operation.

The specialized hand of the Orthopedic surgeon is combined with the high-tech robotic arm and they apply the implants in the ideal anatomical position, balancing at the same time soft tissues around the joint. Perhaps most importantly, ROSA ROBOTICS does not allow mistakes to be made during the operation, thus ensuring the safety of the result.

How Many Robotic Knee Arthroplasty Systems Are There?

Today in Thessaloniki we have a single robotic system at the Inter-Balkan Medical Center, to perform ROSA knee arthroplasty, which is the spearhead of robotic technology worldwide. I would like to make an important clarification here. There is a general confusion with the term robotic arthroplasty and I am given the opportunity to explain that when we say robotic arthroplasty we mean that the surgery is performed in collaboration with the surgeon and the robotic machine that is located inside the operating room.

The other arthroplasty systems for the knee joint are:

  • the personalized digital arthroplasty PSI (Patient Specific Instrument), which we have been doing since 2014, having now operated with this method on most patients in Greece with great success,
  • the arthroplasty with electronic assistance or navigation (Computer Assisted - navigated), the operation is performed with the help of a computer in the operating room.
  • the classic knee arthroplasty.

The conclusion is that the doctor is obliged to explain to the patient which method he uses, because we have unfortunately noticed the confusion of the patients about what arthroplasty they have done or will do and so they are all "baptized" robots without of course being. The patient should also ask the orthopedic surgeon for the details of the arthroplasty method and also ask him if he is certified for the robotic surgery he suggests.

Woman 80 years old.  Before and after the robotic assisted knee arthroplasty.

Woman 84 years old pre and postoperative photo.  ROSA robotic assisted knee arthroplasty
What are the advantages of ROSA robotic knee arthroplasty?

  •     Proper placement of the knee arthroplasty implants and balancing of the soft tissues around the joint results in a more anatomical and natural sensation immediately after surgery.
  •     Safety for the patient due to the cooperation of the Orthopedist with the robotic system which provides a continuous flow of information during the surgery, minimizing the possibility of    intraoperative and postoperative complications.
  •     Blood transfusions are usually not needed due to the bloodless robotic technique.
  •     The rapid mobilization of the patient on the day of surgery.
  •     Two days stay in the clinic.
  •     Faster return of the patient to daily activities (FAST TRACK)
  •     In the possible longer life of the implants in the patient's body (prospect 25-30 years).

The new robotic system ROSA ROBOTICS is the present and the future of robotic knee joint replacement. More and more special centers in the world use the method, recording items of absolute patient satisfaction. ROSA ROBOTICS is the first robotic system in northern Greece which is operated only by specially certified Orthopedic surgeons at the InterBalkan Medical Center, Thessaloniki, Greece. See more

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